Research project: Compensation, heritage, steering tool and cultural ecosystem service

This research project is a development of the research on Compensation Measures carried out by Kulturlandskapet during 2013-2015.  The general objective  is to develop knowledge about how key players understand heritage and cultural values in planning processes  taking acound to competing interests, national requirements and local policy documents.

The new research project runs 2018-2019 and centres around three themes:
1)  A local theme on cultural environment, compensation and means of control
2)  A national theme of cultural concepts and cultural ecosystem services
3)  An international theme that sets heritage and compensation in an international perspective.

The project is focusing on planning processes and how heritage and cultural values are dealt with, compensated and how heritage are understood as part of Ecosystem Services. The methodology in the project focuses on three different parts:
•  Case studies of planning processes in Gothenburg
•  Concept analysis: A contemporary and historical review of key concepts
•  International workshop with invited researcher

The professional benefit lies in the development of knowledge about how key players work with cultural heritage values in planning processes. Focus on detailed planning demonstrates the means of control and its ability to utilize cultural heritage values.

The Research project is funded by the Research unit at the National Swedish Heritage Board, and will be carried out during 2018-2019. The project is a joint venture between Kulturlandskapet and Chalmers University of Technology, with participators from Gothenburg University and Picea kulturarv.
Researchers in project are Magnus Rönn (project leader/Kulturlandskapet/Chalmers University of Technology), Krister Olsson (Gothenburg University), Susanne Fredholm (Gothenburg University) and Benjamin Grahn Danielson (Picea kulturarv). Connected to the project is a reference group including Tony Axelsson (Gothenburg University), Lars Jacobson (County Administrative Board) and Madeleine Seberbrink Town planning office/Gothenburg City.

Contact: Magnus Rönn

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